Vintage tea parties

Vintage afternoon tea

Vintage afternoon tea

Have a home baked afternoon tea brought to your door, and set up and served by a vintage dressed waitress on a beautifully laid table set with vintage china and table decor. Combine this with our activities choosing one of the packages below:



Vintage tea party hen

Vintage tea party hen

Hair and make up tea party

You can have a mobile vintage waitress come and set up a lovely tea party at your home or holiday cottage, while our vintage hairstylists do your hair and make up in vintage style.

1920s Etiquette Class

1920s Etiquette Class

Vintage Etiquette Tea Party

Have a vintage etiquette class during your tea party – and let Aunty Maude teach you the dos and don’ts of correct tea dancing, laughing, and married life. Choose your era to fit with your hen or birthday party theme, from 1920s to 1950s etiquette.

Mad Hatter's tea party

Mad Hatter’s tea party

Afternoon Tea Dance Party

Have a 1940s or 1920s dance class at a village hall or an urban hall, followed by a tea party with our vintage jazz piano player to accompany your dining and chat. Carry on dancing the afternoon away over tea and cakes!

Perfect for a 1940s hen party feel, replicating a wartime village hall dance.

Or create your own 1920s tea dance or 1920s speak easy atmosphere, with the lively piano tunes feeding the frolics in the background!

Your own Vintage Day Out

A whole day out in the vintage era of your choice! Choose any combination of our vintage themed activities for a whole day out in the 1920s, 1940s or 1950s. We’ll help you to put it together.

  • Vintage Dance classes
  • Vintage singing classes
  • Afternoon tea
  • Vintage hair and make up
  • Vintage etiquette class
  • Our vintage jazz piano player during your afternoon tea or hair and make up

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