Dancers at Parties, Events & Weddings

Charleston dancers

We have the most marvellous Charleston dancers, swing dancers and rock n rollers to liven up your party or event. Want to get the guests dancing at your 1920s Speakeasy party, get your 1940s tea dance swinging or fill your rock n roll party dance floor?

Charleston dance class at a 21st birthday party

Choose from:
  • Charleston dancers
  • Lindy hoppers & Swing dancers
  • A 1980s dance troupe
  • 1950s rock n roll dancers
  • 1970s soul train style dancers
  • A Broadway style tap dance and singing duo
  • Barefoot Cabaret, a dancer with a horse!

You can have a single dancer or a couple of dancers and we can offer:

  • a performance demo towards the end of your dinner or tea party
  • a dance class on the dance floor to get the party going (20 – 30 mins is often best for the attention span of partying guests!).
  • Or a couple of short dance class slots in the course of the evening or the day.
  • And/or informal mix and mingle dance tuition.
  • Performing a short cabaret
  • Meet and greet
  • Mood dancing amongst your guests.

Or a mixture of all of these. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

A class on the dancefloor at your party will really get your guests up and dancing!

And we can offer vintage hair and make up for sports and social clubs or groups of guests wanting a special vintage look for their event, or vintage stylists on hand at your event for a special fun activity for your guests.

1920s wedding dancers A dance class at an event

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