1970s Soul Train dance classes

Looking for new hen party ideas?

We’re excited to launch a fun, new 1970s dance class for hen parties, stag parties, or mixed groups.

Take your retro hen party on ‘the hippest trip’.
  • Loosen up, shake those hips, pulse those shoulders, feel the beat, and improve your dancing confidence.
  • Our teachers will introduce you to new moves and improve your ability to improvise your own. By the end of the class you’ll be dancing with style down a soul train line and feeling proud of your own style.

It’s just what you need to get you in the mood for your night out.

The history: Soul train was a long running American music-dance TV programme through which a host of African American music talent made their names – many funk, disco and gospel artists appeared. The show was hugely popular and introduced viewers to the latest music, fashion, hairstyles and dance moves.

The show always featured the Soul Train Line, where dancers strutted down the line towards the camera in pairs to the latest track, showing off their best moves.

Attire – loose but proud, 1970s street style. Flared jeans, tight fitting t shirts, bright and colourful shirts, loud and proud and confident.

Taught by: our fab fun teachers from a vintage dance background who really know their stuff and will bring authenticity

Venues and locations – we can do this anywhere. One of our favourite dance studios in East London has a disco ball. There are dance studios and halls in Bath, Oxford, Reading, Cheltenham and other areas of London that we use.



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