How to pose for 1920s photos at a hen party part 2 – showgirl style poses

If you’re at a 1920s hen party and you want some inspiration on how to pose for your photos, forget Instagram and Facebook style pouting, you want to get some wonderful, decadent 1920s showgirl style pictures to inspire you, and soon you’ll be in character like the best of  actors, working that bohemian showgirl style. Buy some feather fans from a costume shop, and some feather boas and perhaps a parasol, and get the person taking the photos to direct from the front, and you’ll be well away! Here are some photos from a 1920s hair and make up , vintage hen party in Oxford and another vintage hen party in Cheltenham, featuring some very dancy solo poses with fans and parasols and feather boas – or just very dancy moves! I’ve included some of the original photos that inspired us – to move you to even greater decadence and flamboyance in your poses!

kiss curls

our hen….                                                            and the original below…very charlestonesque



1920s showgirls3

What about recreating these dancy 1920s showgirl poses?

chorus line2

No problem! Here’s one from a 1920s hen party in Reading!

Great Gatsby hen party

1920s photoshoot

All our hen party photos are copyright Rhiannon Williams, Charleston Dance & Vintage Hen Parties


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