Charleston dance lesson at a 1920s 40th birthday party in Manchester

Our lovely new dance teacher Victoria did a smashing Charleston dance lesson in Manchester at a 1920s party for a 40th birthday. It was at a wonderful venue, the London Road Firestation, one room of which looked like a courtroom looked like a courtroom! Watch out with that prohibition moonshine and those forbidden cocktails, you might get arrested and tried… but at least it’s only around the corner and down the corridor from the party! The guests learned 1920s Charleston dance moves and then these daring flappers and sheiks did a wonderful Charleston dance off at the end of the party! They then had a murder mystery dinner. Some great 1920s party ideas there.

1920s party Manchester.jpg

See the photos and a video at Alex’s instagram post here…about her 1920s party in Manchester. I only wish I had the photos so I could publish them all on here properly.


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