1950s hair and make up

1950s hair and make up was as varied and iconic as fifties fashion. We can style you with a 1950s pin up look, a look inspired by 1950s vogue, or you could go rockabilly teen rebel, rock n roll or vintage pin up. All of this gives ample opportunities for hen party dressing up!

1950s images

Book our vintage hair and make up for small groups, and you can each have mini hair and mini make up (or book either hair or make up if you don’t want both).

The fifties might have been an era of rations but it was also an era of louche and modern styles.

From the voluminous skirts using as much fabric as possible after the shortages of the forties, to fantastic clean cut tailoring by Chanel and Dior.

Vogue magazine and Hollywood led the way with James Dean Rebel Without a Cause promoting rockabilly style, and the arrival of the rebellious teenager.

1950s dressing up

1950s dressing up

1950s housewife hen party

1950s housewife hen party

Pin up is also a popular 1950s look for hen parties if you’re wearing a wiggle dress, and rockabilly. Ironic housewives also rule, as we associate the fifties with images from advertising.





Have a look at the styles in our 1950s gallery. They’ll be more familiar than you think! Rock n roll high ponytails and quiffs, 1950s victory rolls, curls, and the ever practical but stylish 1950s housewife.



Want vintage hair and make up for your wedding? We can offer 1950s styles for brides and bridesmaids too.




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