1930s & 1940s Swing Era Dance Classes

Looking for ideas for a 1940s hen party or a 1930s birthday day out?

Swing dance hen party

1940s hen party dance class

Our two our private 1940s Swing Era Dance Class  is great for 1940s hen parties and birthday groups.

Dance to infectious big band swing, and get taken back to the swinging 30s or wartime. No party in the thirties or forties was complete without dancing and music, no matter how modest. People would put on the wireless or the gramophone and dance! So if you want to get the feel of the 40s or 30s, then get dancing!

You’ll learn lots of fun vintage jazz dance steps such as boogie backs, shorty George’s, tacky Annie’s and smack the pony. Then you’ll learn a fun dance routine that you all do together, just for fun, or even to take away and dance at the wedding.

Hen party dance class – smack the pony 1940s dance step

Partner Lindy Hop Dance Classes

Swing dance class

We can also do partnered swing and lindy hop dance classes, if you’d like to learn some lead and follow partner dancing!


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